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Open heart flowetry

2007-08-26 18:08:28 by zoy

Recently i came into contact with two people right after their gig headlining tin pan alley festival in london. Those two people are, or rather are known as, Dan le Sac and Scroobius Pip. Looking at them, you probably would not recognise that they have anything in common with each other, maybe except facial hair- one is wearing a soft suit and a baseball cap, whereas the other casually dressed in a pair of jeans as if hes just going down the road to buy some cupcakes. However, the one thing they clearly shre in common is musical genius, as the double act of a bearded poet and an electronica musician with sideburns they pass off as an original, innovative and breathtaking act.
Their first single, and the first song i was played by them, is called 'thou shalt always kill'. Clearly a mockery of the 10 commandments, the song has an uplifting and exciting beat, along with modern lyrics that people are able to relate to, graphic and long commandments to try and symbolise the amount of control one is always under, humorous guidelines which aren't meant to be taken seriously lined up with non-humorous guidelines which aren't meant to be taken seriously. The song kicks and forces harsh truths into the people listening- the beatles? JUST A BAND. led zeppelin? JUST A BAND. An amazing piece of modern day music.
As for their other songs, its clear to say that all of them are of the same standard, if not higher than, 'thou shalt always kill'. 'Letter from God' is a true Ronseal piece of work and does exactly what it says on the tin- its a letter from God addressed to man with Pip expressing his views on religon and posing intresting questions, or more commonly answers, as if they were coming from God. "Fixed' is a piss-take of a popular song by a popular UK hip hop rapper 'dizzee rascal'. The song comments on modern UK hip hop, its effects on people and how its slowly losing everything that hip hop has been over the years. Another masterpiece. 'Angles' is a more serious song, portraying the same story from the view of 3 different people. This song leaves a major impact on any person listening to the lyrics. Truly touching and intresting psychologically. Finally, their new single 'Beat that my heart skipped' is another worthy of the top spot on most music charts. It mixes great tunes with brilliantly delivered lyrics which take a while to figure out and which leave the listiner thinking.

All in all, their music has helped me shape what i think of the world today. And that is:

The World? JUST A BAND.

Thats why i drew that tribute.
visit their website on:

Open heart flowetry


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2007-08-31 09:16:32

Thou shalt always kill is sucha great song. And great video. Its favorited.


2007-09-01 23:17:12

Check it out man, a day before you posted this I posted this - /19821

Shame you actually saw em and I read it on Graham Linehan's blog, hah.