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Entry #4

for those who care:

2008-01-13 18:19:14 by zoy

so recently my hd broke and be bye goes flash. ill try and get it restored but meeeeeeeehhhh
anyway, i haven't really been doing a lot except sitting on my ass and playing guitar so tbh, theres not a lot to report on since my last very informative news post about how im actually a feline mammal.
ive been doing skecthes here and there but norhing major. im hoping my next submission will be to the audio rather than the flash portal, ive been making some crazy tunes recently
so yeah heres a skecth i did in about 3 minutes for those who cared to read this almost empty news post. enjoy.

for those who care:


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2008-03-16 05:13:55

Awesome sketch man...didn't know you where workin' on tunes as well though. Good luck with that.

~C x


2008-07-12 05:29:41

Nice sketch...


2008-09-13 02:32:05

great sketch